We have to hate boxes. They teach us the wrong things sometimes, often to cataclysmic proportions. There are decisions we make that are based on these boxes, things that we say that sound right when played against the walls. There are lives we never touch. There are things we never get around to doing. Our lives are not so much about what you can say in an hour's conversation; our lives are choices done over and over and over again until a monster is created: a monster we may have to spend the rest of our waking hours fighting. We have to see these boxes for what they are. They are evil. They are wrong.

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Feb 14, 2007
Quick Fix for Sony's White/Blank LCD Screen Defect

In a world where there is no such thing as a free lunch, I hereby hail the "Quick Fix."

The parents were going out to bond with the family from the mother's side, but I had a migraine and must stay behind. To forever remember dinner at Max's, my father decided to bring my brother's 1-year-old Sony Cybershot camera.

But, alas, when we tested it, the LCD screen was a depressing white blank.

I immediately felt a pang of sadness. Indeed, good things never last. We were happy, camera-toting citizens; I did not care for high-tech camera phones and ultra-small video cameras. We had a Cybershot, and we were happy.

So a few minutes went by, performing the customary hope-against-hope maniacally turning the power button on and off again and again, when I figured I must search the Internet for answers.

And here it is. It blew my mind away.

Posted at 05:04 pm by ccsantossa

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