Entry: Recap Dec 11, 2006

Friday night at Legend Villas, GFS Girls Christmas Party, playing Pinoy Henyo, tag on Sheila's forehead said: SAP

Sheila: Bagay ba to?
Janice: Hindi!
Sheila: Aircon? Ilaw? Bedsheet?

Also, I Never, Fill in the Blanks, Gilbeys and Toska (ick daw, sabi ni Kuya, ick!), received Anansi Boys, gave pink bedsheet, gave out A/R 2005 Christmas CD, swimming at 3am, Jacuzzi till 6am, rush in a cab to Renee Salud at E Rodriguez for the gown-fitting, got smiley reviews for the CDs.

Purple beauty, must not get fat, beadwork within the week, snug around the chest, must catch male attention.
Checked in at Fraser while Tish went to post-prod, Melay and Rhea and me gaping at the service residence: the sweetest place on earth, jacuzzi in the restroom, wide open space, overlooking Makati, wooden floorboards, nice interior, sublime, hidden rooms discovered after two hours, watching Christmas party presentation for the P&A Christmas Party, Noreen called me a disgrace because of the green sleeveless number, video-ed the entire place with Kuya's cam.

Saturday night: clay penises, porn, Brazilian wax, phone sex, kinky lingerie, easy access, sleeping while waiting for the place to fill up with friends, ate Yellow Cab pizza and Charlie Chan pasta stuff, Baileys, Toska part two (ick!), Cuervo, ice cream, nobody touched the chicharon, La Salle scandal, catching up, a friend falling for a Cambodian, Y chromosomes (the ultimate discussion on Why Something Has to Be Done), phone patch from a Cayman auditor friend, baby talk, agogo dancing, more catching up, love lives, missing friends.

Sunday morning: Jacuzzi part two, skimmed Makati, mass at Concepcion, HouseCall-ed The PC that Used to Kick Ass.

Monday: late for thirty minutes, truck mishap at C5, practice edits, YM sessions, new friend at Friendster, loving every minute, finishing Christmas Project storyboard, HouseCall-ing Part Two, blogging, BitLord+Torretspy=Happy Macky, could not download BitLord, don't know why, sadness, minor, but hey, things are looking up.

Rest of Life: Canada after braces, UBC, forensic psychology, government service, teaching highschool misfits, marry right guy. Still on track, see Cartolina of Dreams.


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